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Did PEGA Supports Tomcat?

Currently we are using WebSphere Application Server for our PEGA application. We got a request from our management that shell we use tomcat instead of Websphere and asking us what will be the impact on application and application performance?

I raised PEGA SR to get more details but PEGA requested me to post the query in pega community center.

Can you please answer my below questions.

What is the best recommendation from PEGA? Tomcat (or) WebSphere?

Did PEGA supports TOMCAT? If yes, Is there any application build with Tomcat server?

Are there any issues if we use tomcat server running PEGA application?

How is the performance with Tomcat Server?

If we replace WebSphere with tomcat what will be the performance

Did you guys see any major issues while running the PEGA application with tomcat server?



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