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Difference between Field Group and Data reference in PEGA. What is the use of Field group?

After trying some hands -on to find the difference between Field group and Data reference, i found that:

On including Field group while configuring the view in case, it will allow you to enter manually all the data for all properties that are part of that Field group. But it does not save the field group as new record within respective data type.


On including data reference, it allows you to search record (on the basis of one of it's properties) from within existing records of respective data type. Here as we know that it is a reference to the existing data, so no scope of saving it.

My query is:

In case of Field group, as we have to manually enter values of all the properties associated with the field group data type , so what is the use of field group in PEGA ( as it does not save these values considering it new record of the data type)?

I hope my understanding of the difference quoted is correct. If yes, then please answer the asked query about use of adding a field group in PEGA.

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