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Víctor García Mascaraque (VictorGM)
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M2C Consulting
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M2C Consulting
Posted: December 23, 2020
Last activity: January 11, 2021

Different behavoir markers on Address Map Control

Hi All!!

At first time, I share you the preview of our section:

address map control behaviour

Nowadays, we need more help than I can found in collaborate site. It’s about Map, Address Map or other similar Map control.


We are using AddressMap. We need show many markers location for a garage searcher. We have got show them inside map control and make some funcionality inside its marker section (e.g. Selected garage --> it marks our garage in the table with pySelected == true. This behavoir is done), but when we refresh the section, we lost focused item in the map and it comes back to show all markers and it adjusts the zoom. We don’t know what ootb property it use for to focus selected item. If we had this property, we will can used when user makes click in pyselected property inside table for focused ítem in the map too.


In adition, we would need show different color for each marker by specified property (“Tipo de taller” column). For example, if it is a common garage, its marker must be red; if it is a Company garage, its marker must be green; if it is a garage with some privileges, its must be yellow; etc… and finally, when we selected one of them, this marker should be marker with other icon or bigger same icon than the rest of them.


I hope I explained myself well and you can help us for unblocked this funtionality.



Best Regards

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