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V Pattiruhu
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V Pattiruhu
Posted: November 14, 2016
Last activity: November 14, 2016

Different Result between ReportDefinition and DataPage which have join class table mapping

Dear Pega Community,

i have a task to display a report table_histori_telepon join with table_data_pengerjaan. thus, i create a report definition which name is RDHasilTelepon. RDHasilTelepon have prefix DataPengerjaan with only including matching rows filter conditions.


and for my Query tab i designed like picture in the below :


when i run Report Definition RDHasilTelepon the result show all column exactly like i designed in Query Tab. check the this picture below :



my question is when i'm trying to create data page and run the data page why the result is all property in join table_data_pengerjaan is not shown. for the table_hasil_telepon property result is show in pxResults(1), pxResult(2), and pxResult(3) and then table_data_pengerjaan property table is show in pxPages(DataPengerjaan). why the result in Report Definition is diferent with Data Page?. what i have supose to do to use/access the property in pxPages(DataPengerjaan) and then i'm using it in my section?. thank you very much.

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