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Venkata Bhaskara RK Kaseebhotla (VenkataBhaskaraRK)
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Posted: November 6, 2020
Last activity: November 6, 2020

Direct Launch of mainframe/systematic screen  from Pega App

Directly  Launching mainframe/systematic screen from  pega App .


At present: We have a setup on client machine and there is button in our application which launches using below setup in place.

Current: Pega App - Client machine with setup to launch MF screen

Expectation : we want to avoid the client machine seup. And wanted to launch mainframe screen directly.

Details: User should have to have Mainframe/Systematics SSO access. Need to install LaunchIEProtocol folder – under C:\Program Files\ in client machine Need to have Attachmate - it's a software which opens mainframe screen using SYSTEMATICS.edp [ this .edp launches mainframe screen] We need to implement the same functionality for 10K users .This requires the same setup across all 10K client machines.And we want to avoid this rout. Is there any way to launch the mainframe screen directly from Pega ? can you suggest a new design for this usecase.

Pega Platform 7.2.2 Conversational Channels Financial Services Senior System Architect