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Grant Thompson (grant@VA)
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Grant Thompson
Favor TechConsulting LLC
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Favor TechConsulting LLC
Posted: September 4, 2020
Last activity: September 18, 2020

Direct user to work queue assignment mid-flow

I've got a situation in a work flow where there is an assignment that is routed to a work queue, but I need to send the current user to that assignment. In the attached flow image (this is a sub-flow, actually), the 'Resolve Dup Case' step is routed to a work queue, but I need to direct the current user immediately to that assignment.

We don't want to route the assignment to the current user, because if they cancel out of the 'Resolve Dup Case' step (or otherwise abandon the case), it will no longer reside in the originating work queue. We don't want to move the case from this queue until later.

I want to stay within Pega's guardrails as much as possible. Are they are best practices for such a requirement? If not, any tips?

Thanks in advance,


Pega Platform Case Management Government System Architect