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Disable fields on UI on Demand

Hi All ,

Below is the requirement 

1)Section has 10 properties.

2)Business has an option to configure values for these 10 propertiesand also to configure whether to "Lock/Unlock" the properties in a decision table  which is called from a pre-activity or a data transform.

3)Lock the property means the property should be disabled on the UI and the user shouldnt be able to update .

My thought process is that ,we can configure 10 when conditions for 10 properties and within the when condition pass the property name  and compare it against the decision table to disable/enable it.Problem with this is there will be too many when conditions trying to do the same thing .

Is there a way we can acheive this by writing just one when rule.Is it possible to get the property name dynamically passed to the when rule which inturn calls the decision table to evaluate the decision .



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