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Posted: July 3, 2020
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Display links in the correspondence

I am trying to display the files in a pagelist as links in table using correspondence

i have a pagelist named TempPageList.pxResults()

the pagelist has got files:

File 1: file is stored in a path. Link to the file is in property ECMFilePath= "https://sharepath/directory/file1Link", file name in a property on pagelist say: pxAttachName:File 1

File 2: Link to file is .ECMFilePath= "https://sharepath/directory/file2Link", and pxAttachName: File 2 and so on.....

I tried the below code in correspondence:

<pega:foreach name=".CaseData.SelectedDocList"> <pega:withembedded name="$this"> <table border="0" style="Width:100%">     <tbody>         <tr>             <td><a href= "<pega:reference format="pxLink" name= "$THIS.ECMFilePath"></pega:reference>"> $THIS.pxAttachName </a></td>         </tr>     </tbody> </table> </pega:withembedded></pega:foreach>

but it doesnt work. Am i missing any tags or mapping incorrectly? 


Thanks in Advance.

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