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Hema Akula (HemaA279)

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Posted: February 1, 2016
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Display Modal Dialog if there are no errors.


We have requirement where on click of button - we need to validate if the mandatory fields are filled, if filled we need to show Modal dialog with msg & YES or no buttons. If the mandatory fields are not filled - we should not show the Modal dialog.

I referred the discussion Displaying modal dialog box on click of button after validating data entered by user under form fields & have tried this approach of including two buttons with visible condition. This is working fine but there is a issue in the date field.

First Save button

First Button without Local Action.JPG

Second button with Local action

Second Button with Local Action.JPG

If you update the date, & then remove the date without clicking outside of the cell, click directly on "Save" button. Am getting the second button action where I have configured Activity, Local action & my Local action is getting fired even when there are errors. Please advice a refresh has to happen when the user doesn't click outside the cell as well. If a refresh happens I will get my First button & the Local action will not be fired. Or is there any other better way other than this

Error Msg with Pop-up.JPG

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