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Displaying count of filtered fields for a Data Page Grid (sourced with Report Definition)


we have a requirement to display the count of all visible rows for the "My Work Items" on top of the table.

This count should be updated based on the filters applied by the user...

This is how the table looks in the DEV studio

backend table


As you can see it's sourced from a Data Page (List) that is using a Report Definition...

I tried the methods that were mentioned in previous forms (ex. creating a value label property and pasting this <%=(tools.getParamValue("totalRecords"))%>) however that didn't work for this particular case... I've also tried adding (<pega:reference name='param.totalRecords'/>) to the label but with no luck either

I see I could add a Header/Footer section to the table.. I was wondering how to customize one of those to display the count of the rows... your help would be appreciated

Header Property

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