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Dissorted Data trasfrom

In order to overcome some caching between from one node to another, I have executed the below DDL scripts. After executing the DDL's and restarting the server the data transform is not displayed correctly.

Truncate table Pr4_rule_sysgen;
Truncate table pr_sys_app_ruleset_index;
Truncate table Pr_sys_app_hierarchy_flat;
Truncate table Pr_sys_rule_impl;
Truncate table pr_sys_cache_dep;
Truncate table pr_sys_cache_entry;
Truncate table Pr_sys_class_ancestors;
Truncate table Pr_sys_ruleset_index;
Truncate table Pr_sys_appcache_dep;
Truncate table Pr_sys_appcache_entry;
Truncate table Pr_sys_appcache_shortcut;
Truncate table Pr_sys_updates_cache;
Truncate table pr_assembledclasses;
Truncate table Pr_sysgen_static_content;

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