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Posted: September 21, 2020
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Posted: 21 Sep 2020 15:34 EDT
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Do we need to consider PR_PERF_STATS for Reorg Job at DB side?

We have observed few issue in our weekly PEGA table reorganization process (i.e. exclusive mode) is taking too long to complete.

We noticed that, table PR_PERF_STATS takes a few hours (exceeding 5 hours) to complete Reorganizaiton process in our application. We also found that the 

table is kept increasing in size (due to insert of data rather than delete).  

Could any one help to ge the below information :-

1. How pega insert the value in table PR_PERF_STATS ? I have observed in few PDN article, It talks about Dynamic System Settings data instance Pega-RULES usage/usagetrackingenabled. This value determine the Login information captured in table PR_PERF_STATS for any performace analysis in future.

2. If we truncate the table PR_PERF_STATS, will it cause any impact?

3.    How often will the said table be cleaned up ? - Please correct me, System Cleaner agent runs daily which in turn call (UsageCleaner) stored procedure (sppr_purge_table) to purge the records, based on RententionDays.

4.    Would there be performance degradation or any consequence incurred, should we be stopping the PR_PERF_STATS table reorganization?   


Thank You


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