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Posted: June 11, 2018
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Does Data flow pick up records inserted in source after DF is started?

Does Data flow pick up records inserted in the source after DF is started?

To be more precise , say at a particular point of time when the DF is started the source has 10 records, during the DF execution 5 more records are inserted in the source, will those 5 be picked up in the same DF execution?

We tried to simulate and found that it is not picking up, but not sure if we were able to simulate it correctly, so wanted to know how the DF internally works and how will it behave in this scenario?

The reason I am concerned about this is because in our project we are using a DF on a source where records can concurrently be inserted through some other channel, so if DF picks up new records then it will take considerable time for it finish.



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