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Posted: March 27, 2017
Last activity: March 28, 2017

Does the "Expand When" setting only get fired once?

I have a question about the "Expand When" container setting on dynamic layout panel.

I have a button that toggles the value of thisVariable true or false.

On a layout, I set the Header Type to be "Collapsabile" and, using the expression builder set the "Expand When" setting to "thisVariable = true".

When I first click the button and set thisVariable to true, the layout expands.

However, subsequently when I click the button nothing happens. When I manually collapse the layout, and then change the value of thisVariable to true again, nothing happens.

Question: Is this a defect or the correction functionality? Does the "Expand when" setting only get fired once? Why doesn't my layout expand everytime I set thisVariable to true?

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