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Posted: July 13, 2021
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Posted: 13 Jul 2021 4:09 EDT
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Does not receive email from Job Scheduler or Timer shape


We have 2 issues that may be concern the same problem. We do not receive email.

  1. We implement an acticty in which we send an email. When we execute manually the activity, we do receive email but when we run the activity daily from a Job Scheduler we don't receive anything and the tracer does not show any error contrarywise it says the email was sent successfully. In clipboard, we have the CorrSummary page. 
  2. In one process of our casetype A, we implement a timer based on a condition "dateproperty = today" to continue process and then create another casetype B. in the casetype B, we have an assignment with a notification SendSimpleEmail. The problem is we do not receive email. Same as above, nothing suspicious in tracer nor clipboard. But, if we remove the wait shape in casetype A, we receive the email.

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