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Does Pega support Microsoft IIS as a web server/is IIS relevant as part of a Pega environment?

I am planning a new Pega installation. My infrastructure team is asking whether we should use a web server for serving up web content. My expertise is in Pega, not web servers. Apologies in advance if I make a splendid display of ignorance here. It wouldn't be the first time and if it enlivens someone's day with a bit of humor, great!

Our proposed stack includes

  • App Server: JBoss EAP 6.4.x
  • Pega deployed as EAR file
  • Oracle

So I have three questions:

  • is there a role for a web server in addition to the app server?
  • if so, is Microsoft IIS supported for such a role?
  • if so, does IIS require specific configuration for Pega? (Is documentation available for that?)

Uh-oh. That was four questions.

My efforts to answer my own questions

PDN search: searches for "IIS" return results concerning IAC and mashups, not Pega overall

Platform Support Guide:

  • The PSG lists support for three web servers: JBoss EWS, Pivotal and Tomcat.
  • Every mention of a web server includes this note:

"This web server runs only with Pega Platform
deployed in a servlet container (WAR)."

Here's where I depart my knowledge and dive into speculation: the mention of the WAR file leads me to think that perhaps:

  • the web servers mentioned in the PSG are being used to play the part of an Application Server, NOT strictly for serving web content
  • the role of a web server (as a web server, serving web content) would be something different? and if I use a web server in that sense, possibly Pega doesn't care which one it is?


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