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Sai Mukesh Pola (polas1)
Associate Architect - Front End
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: February 17, 2020
Last activity: April 28, 2020

Does section refresh failed and application doesn't respond after that ?

Does section refresh failed and you are not able to access the application and need to re login. Here might be one of the root cause you need to check for


Step 1: Identify the section name of the one which you want to refresh

Step 2: Check in the parent hierarchy of the section where it is loaded using some data page context. 

Step 3: Check if the data page is being removed / reloaded. You may compare the hash key of the data page in the clipboard when initially the section is loaded and you can compare with the data page hash key after the reload fails. 

Step 4: If you see the data page is being removed / reloaded again, section refresh is failed because of this. 


Usually if any parent is loaded using one context and later if we try to reload one of its children section it is expected to have the data page as it is when its parent is loaded. If data page is removed or reloaded again, the section reload fails. 


Please post here if you see any other root causes that might lead to section reload being failed. 

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