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Double Click items in System.Windows.Controls.TreeView object

Hello everybody!

We are building a bot that uses a Windows Application named Meta4. In order to access to the options, the bot needs to double click a node of a tree-view menu that we interrogated (See TreeView_Menu.png). Although we've tried different methods to interact with the control (e.g. Expand all, SelectNode, DoubleClickNode, PerformClick, PerformDoubleClick, etc.), none of these have been useful (the tree view control doesn't change)

Do you know how can we solve this problem?

Extra information:

- Pega detects 2 nodes, and we assume that those are the main nodes of tree-view (See MainNodes.png). We make sure that one of those nodes is selected but click methods doesn't work.

- NativeTypeName: System.Windows.Controls.TreeView, PresentationFramework; TargetType: OpenSpan.Adapters.DotNet.WPF.TreeView

Thank you for your help!

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