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Posted: March 2, 2020
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D/w Blocked and Withdrawn Availability Rule

Can anyone explain me difference between Withdrawn and Blocked Rule Availability.

Ex for Withdrawn :-



1. If one section withdrawn in ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-04

It will not execute from ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-04

ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-03

                              ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-02

                                      ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-01

Rule will Execute form   ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-05



2. In same way Blocked rule also will pick form higher version in same rule set and other classes ?


3. For available rule set as "Not Available" from ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-04

                                       Rule will Execute from  ABC-HR-Work-Request class in Version 01-01-05 ?

 I know Rule will Execute from 01-01-03,  but my Question is if rule is available  01-01-05 which one it will pick 01-01-03 or 01-01-05?


Thanks in Advance


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