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DWA PublicLinkURL with Locale changes

We have used DWA for Customer Approval by clicking on the link, where have configure the URL in the PublicLinkURL DSS. PublicLinkURL DSS is in 2 owning rulesets - Pega: ProCom and Pega: ProCom_es. We are calling link in the correspondence using Corr Fragment Rule ExternalInstructions. ExternalInstructions rule takes URL from PublicLinkURL DSS. Link is working when we do not add Locale. But when we are changing Locale to es_MX, then we are getting 2 mails. In one mail, in place of the link, we are getting some junk data. And in other mail has other 'Subject as This is our second request for information' and the link is correct as expected. Can anyone suggest how to ensure the correct link is picked up for es_MX locale and only 1 email is sent to the customer?


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