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Nicolò Ghiotto (NicolòG3)
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Posted: July 23, 2020
Last activity: July 23, 2020

DX API - PUT 'refresh' action doesn't update conditional visibility on fields

Good morning, 

I have a problem retrieving conditional visibile fields on the DX API.

I have a simple boolean radio button 'AccettoRifiutoAgenzia' (with ofc a property attached), and two specific field, each one conditionally visible only when the property attached to the radio button is true or false.

On the OOTB FE, when i click on the radio buttons it shows me the right field, but when executing a 'PUT' http call like the following: 


with the correct body (in fact the response of this put returns me the view with the right value that i have just pressed on the radio button), i still returns me both the fields with visibility false.

If i check 'Run visibility condition on client' i have the opposite results, having every time both the fields visible.

This is a pic of one of the two fields:

Conditional visibility

I am pretty sure that the http call is correct, as I am already using it to update data transform when selecting different type of inputs.

Has everyone ever encountered this problem before?


Thanks in advance,


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