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Dynamic System settings value update programmatically

As part of deployment automation, we are trying to automate the update of DSS values.

Is there any way to achieve it programmatically.

We tried below options:-

  1. Updating Pysetting value in PR_ADMIN table.
  • update dbo.pr_data_admin set pySetting='xxxx' where pzInsKey='DATA-ADMIN-SYSTEM-SETTINGS PEGA-RULES!abc/def';
  • The above query doesn't update the value in blob, hence application still refers to old value.
  • Is there any other way by which we achieve the update of DSS value through DB?

2. Updating value by calling @baseclass pxSetDynamicSystemSetting.

Is there any utility by which we can invoke "@baseclass SetDynamicSystemSetting" programmatically from outside the application. Any API/Java code by which we can invoke the baseclass with credentials to application and Ruleset/Purpose/Value passed as parameter.

We are able to generate java code out of the activity, is there any way we can setup a workspace outside the application with dependent pega jar files and compile it, such that we can invoke the code.

3.By using utility scripts provided with Pega. Is there any way we can achieve it through utility scripts.

Note:- We will not able to use any of RPA tools.

Pega 7.3.1

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