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Ben Neal (Benneal92)
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Posted: October 9, 2020
Last activity: October 10, 2020

Dynamically set prconfig.xml - unique values per instance - Stream Service

Hi All,

Looking to learn how to have unique prconfig.xml values per an instance without having to create several ear files at a time.

We have been using DSS to set the values but have seen if our apps are on the same server we get binding issues. So DSS is not a solution since that shares the values across instances and we get failed to bind.

If possible I would like one ear file we can set the values of the prconfig.xml from the application server.


Maybe set the values through JNDI ? Not sure how feasible this approach is.


<env name="dsm/services/stream/pyport" value="java:comp/env/pyport"/> <env name="dsm/services/stream/pykeeperport" value="java:comp/env/pykeeperport"/> <env name="dsm/services/stream/pybrokerport" value="java:comp/env/pybrokerport"/> <env name="dsm/services/stream/pyjmxport" value="java:comp/env/pyjmxport"/>



We are on JBoss and I have seen that we set some values for datasource in the standalone-full-ha.xml

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:2.0">


<simple name="java:/prconfig/database/databases/PegaRULES/defaultSchema" value="example"/>

<simple name="java:/prconfig/database/databases/PegaDATA/defaultSchema" value="example"/>

<simple name="java:/prconfig/database/databases/PegaRULES/dataSourceAdmin" value="java:/jdbc/AdminPegaRULES"/>

<simple name="java:/prconfig/database/databases/PegaDATA/dataSourceAdmin" value="java:/jdbc/AdminPegaRULES"/>

<simple name="java:/url/pega/none" value="file:/nul"/>



I am new to these concepts so not sure exactly what this configuration is accomplishing but it looks like it is creating a recognized JNDI with the prefix java:/prconfig/ to set some values there. Could we do the same to set Stream Service Ports?


Thanks for any guidance,


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