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Sethu Raman Chitravel (SethuRamanC)
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Posted: June 11, 2020
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'Edit Input' - Apart from property advanced tab, anywhere can we refer ?

Consider in my application I am having class structure as  @baseClass , A- , A-B- , A-B-C , A-B-C-Work ,

A-B-C-Work-BirthRegistration. I am having one property 'FatherName' at A-B-C level. Now I am defining a case type at A-B-C-Work-BirthRegistration. In case type on first screen while entering Father's name, I have an requirement that "If the Father's name doesnt ends with Mr. then I need to add suffix as Mr.". I am trying to acheive this by using 'Edit Input'. I have written the java code for this inside Edit-Input. 

Here only the problem comes. If i refer the same Edit Input in advanced tab of property defintion, It will be applicable throughout the application. That is not the expectation. 

Because my application may have another case type 'Land registration' defined at 

A-B-C-Work-LandRegistration , in which the suffix Mr. needs not be added. So how I can achieve this requirement/handle this issue ?

To be precise : Is there any way to refer Edit Input apart from property advanced tab ?

Thanks in advance.

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