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Posted: February 23, 2021
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Posted: 23 Feb 2021 10:26 EST
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Elastic search on encrypted properties and refer in report definition with filter condition as Contains


We encrypted  blob and some properties in our application using  custom cipher encryption , we have a pagelist  SynList where one property in the list (Comment) is encrypted. we have added this property Synlist.Comment to Customer search index (SysAdmin -> Custom Search Properties).

 When i tried to search  with decrypted text i dont get any result , i even ran the Report definition 'pyWorkSearch' with filter condition as  equal 'decrypted text' . no results are displayed , Infact we want  to use it with elastic search and with filter condition as 'Contains'

I checked Pega help, this is what it states for ABAC property encrypt. It is not directly useful since only Equals , not Equals are supported.

"The property is encrypted in the database, clipboard, logs, and search indexes. If no PropertyRead policy obfuscates the property, then the decrypted property value is visible to the user in a UI control. In report definitions, the property can be displayed in report results and can also be referenced on the left side of filter conditions that use the Is equal and Is not equal operators. It cannot otherwise be referenced in report definitions (for example, to sort, rank, or group results in SQL functions, and so forth)."

please advice!



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