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Maheedhar Kothagundla (Maheedhar)

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Posted: March 24, 2016
Last activity: March 28, 2016

Elastic Search not working consistently

We recently upgraded to 7.2 from 7.1.8 and since then, elastic search not working consistently in development environment. We have 3 nodes and only one node is set for indexing on search landing page.

Also below DSS are set as suggested.

Pega-SearchEngineindexing/distributed/search_enabled    = "true"

Pega-SearchEngineindexing/distributed/enabled               =  "true"

We ran a automation script on search node to create 10 work objects and then search for each work object. Out of 10, search is able to retrieve 7 to 8 objects and 2 are failed. Even if I try to retrieve these objects manually latter, search did not fetch the results. And more surprisngly, on other nodes which are not set as search nodes, search is able to retrieve the results.

So, have few questions.

1. When we search on node which is not the search node, does it read the index files on search node and if so, how does it happen?

2. How to debug if certain work objects are not indexed? I don't find anything in the logs and appreciate if anyone provides the class for which I can enable debugging.

3. if all nodes are set as search nodes, how does prpc ensure that all index files are on sync across different nodes? Does PRPC generates index on one node and duplicates it to other nodes?

4.If ,multiple nodes are set as index nodes and when search is executed, does it retrieve only from first search node and other nodes are for fail over only?

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