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ElasticSearch monitoring in Pega 7.4

Hi all,

As we know, Pega 7.4 uses ElasticSearch (ES) instead of Lucene indices. Also standalone ES provides REST interface for accessing data and cluster/node statistics and UI if one installs plugin like ElasticSearch HQ.

There are two DSS'es that seems to be mapped into ES settings as follows:

  1. indexing/distributed/http/enabled => http.enabled
  2. indexing/distributed/http/port => http.port

Unfortunately setting these DSSes does not enable REST interface on embedded ES. At least, WebSphere installation with open TCP port on Cell/Node does not listen on ES port.

For now we solved the problem by attaching coordinating node into ES cluster of Pega. Although it is not an ideal solution for us but it might work.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to enable REST interface of ES in Pega 7.4? Is there any documentation about it?
  2. Is it possible to install plugin into embedded ES?
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