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ElasticSearch report not working on embedded data class


Wel here is my scenario I have a work class which contains an embedded page which resides as a descendent of Data-. I have a report which is on the work class but upon saving the report it throws an error:

Report nested property '.Adres.Woonplaats' is missing. Report will not be executed on Elasticsearch


I have gone through community and pretty much tried all suggestions to be found there:

1. Pega-SearchEngine • indexing/useDataInstances is set to: true

2. Indexing is on on All Work classes and All Data classes

3. There is a dedicated search index for this specific work class which shows status: Green 

4. Dedicated Custom Search Properties pySearch created which has the embedded page properties as both Include In Search Results as well as Available for Full Text search checkboxes set.

5. No errors in the log when putting the logger PegaSearch to DEBUG level

It did save once, but only after we cleared all temp files including the index files on the server and did a restart. 

One other remark is that during normal processing the .Adres page is populated through a DataPage. 

The report as is runs fine directly against the database, but due to the amount of cases expected as well as frequent changes coming up in the search criteria I would rather have this report run against the elastic search index.

Pretty much at a loss here as to why this configuration is not working. Any and all ideas very much appreciated.


regards and greetings, Leo de Blaauw


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