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Element in ReporterStackImpl is not at the top


Hi everyone,

We're facing very strange error in one of our environments.

Whenever I try to save/create any Application rule, I get the error in logs:

" ** Error occurred trying to parse the expression and augmenting the code: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Trying to pop a database reporting element from com.pega.pegarules.monitor.internal.database.ReporterStackImpl@6f048e01 that is not at the top of the stack".

We were trying to

1. Simple server restart.

2. Turn off the persistance mode on Tomcat and restart it (I thought that maybe the ReporterStackImpl is corrupted and during restart it is being serialized/deserialized so we need to clean it up, but it didn't work).

3. Revalidate and Save.

4. Obj-Open --> Obj-Save one of the application rule.

Nothing helped.

The problem is only exist with Application Rules, others are working as expected (save/create).

Any thoughts, ideas or even links to java docs for com.pega.pegarules.monitor.internal.database package will be appreciated.

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