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Email Campaign in Pega Sales automation FW 8.4


We have recently upgraded from Pega 8.3 to Pega 8.4 and we are using Pega CRM - Sales automation framework.

I have observed that pega has deprecated the below rules in 8.4

1. ShowRecipientOpenCount(FlowAction)

2. ShowRecipientOpenCount(Section) 3. ShowRecipientDetails(flow action) 

4. ShowRecipientDetails(section) 

5. ShowRecipientCountDetails(Activity)

Due to which the functionality of displaying Read count & recipient counts are not working. This is very crucial functionality for our application.

Please suggest us how to over come this issue or is there any alternative rules which could be a workaround for the same.

Please find  attached screenshots for your reference.


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Pega Sales Automation 8.4.1 User Interface
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