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Jocelyn Martinez (JocelynM)
Accenture Federal Services LLC

Accenture Federal Services LLC
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Accenture Federal Services LLC
Posted: November 12, 2020
Last activity: November 12, 2020

Email Listener Setting Information

Hello, 1-Could you provide more information on the forward unprocessed messages setting on an email listener record? What does the email look like when an inbound email is forwarded (potential format information would be useful)?Need to determine if this is a potential solution to process encrypted inbound emails. Currently our system is not handling encrypted inbound emails and essentially become stuck on the email server. 2- Can you elaborate a bit on the maxretry dss? I do not see that it is available in 8.1.5 and could not find much information on it  -referenced in the link below.

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Pega Platform 8.1.5 Data Integration