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Email work processing v. email conversations

Re: course: Lead System Architect (7.1), module: 8 Integration, lesson: Inbound Email


I am a little confused :(

I am looking at segment 6 (Configuring email work processing) and segment 7 (Support email conversations) of this lesson.

1. I am struggling to understand the difference between these two scenarios. I understand that in the situation of email work processing there are flow actions involved hence the case is being moved to a different stage/step/position in its flow. This doesn't seem to be the case with email conversations. However doesn't email work processing also involve a conversation? Can somebody help me to get this clear in my head?

2. In the quiz questions for this lesson one of them asks: How is an incoming email reply linked to an existing case? It doesn't say whether the context for this question is email work processing or email conversations. In the one case it is done via an id in the subject; in another case it is done via a Message-ID in the header. This quiz question could be improved by making clear the context.



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