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Embedded Page inside pyWorkPage(WO) is not being saved


I have a nested list under my work object that is not being saved.

The clipboard page structure is like this:


Both DriverTrip and TripRouteList are properties of type Page-List

The TripRouteList is being created from a pre-activity of the last flow in our TabbedScreenFlow.

When I close the work object after the TripRouteList has been generated, either by closing the browser or other methods not invoking the DoSave OOTB activity, the Page-List is being retained.

The problem arises when I do any saving of my work object. (Obj-Save in an activity, doSave script, etc).

Any changes I made for DriverTrip is being saved but the TripRouteList is now missing.

The screenshot below shows the tracer steps when I am saving the work-object. The pyWorkPage still shows my data when PEGA is saving the work object.

Image removed.

The screenshot below shows the part where the work object is being opened. At this point, the TripRouteList is not existing anymore. There are no non-OOTB rules being called before the opening of the work-object.

Image removed.

What could I be missing?

Any idea would be appreciated.

Thanks !

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