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sandro de santis (sandroRome)

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Posted: 3 weeks 4 days ago
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Embedding a chat window for the Web Chatbot channel - new parameters and CSS

Hi all,

I have to embed a chat window for the Web Chatbot channel.

I generated the mashup code and I have this code-row:

data-pega-action-param-parameters ='{"channelId":"botxxxx"}'

if I would like to add other parameters to pass to chat channel have I just add other field to the json?

For example I want to add the country of the customer:

data-pega-action-param-parameters ='{"channelId":"botxxxx", "country":"Italy"}' >

If yes, then I can retrieve my new param through the activity "pzSetChatParameters"...right?

Also I would like to choose different style of the 'chat-windows' that I have to embed in the external site, can I do this just overwrite rule "pyWebChatCustomization"? Unfortunately I can't find any informations about these in new Pega version 8.5.

Thanks in advance


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