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Posted: October 18, 2016
Last activity: October 19, 2016

Empty string dropdown choice returns only default results for report definition.

As mentioned in the title I'm having a problem with one of the reports I am working on.
According to business requirements the report is to throw results of cases with specified status or statuses within the specified date range. 
Another requirement is to use the custom section inline so the report's consistency is preseved.
Another requirement is that the report will have some values predefined (default values). When a user opens up the report it will bring all Resolved-Completed status cases from the last week.
Finally, last business requirement states that a customer can pick a status from a pick list. Possible options/choices for the statuses should be: Resolved-Completed, Resolved-Withdrawn and an empty string (that should return both statuses).
This is crucial here: an empty string, if chosen, PRPC is to throw cases with either Resolved-Completed or Resolved-Withdrawn status. Trying to meet all the requirements I've created a new section that displays 3 controllers (status dropdown, from date, to date). For the time being I did not set any default values for neither dates nor status. All seem to work as expected: 
- Dates ranges give me proper results
- Dropdown returns either Resolved-Completed, Resolved-Withdrawn or both statuses(supposing empty string choice is selected)

Now, when I start working on displaying the default values (control properties in section rule) for the dates and dropdown I realize that once an empty string is chosen as a dropdown choice and filters are applied I can no longer get both statuses at the same time - after applying filters an "empty string" dropdown choice is replaced with the default "Resolved-Completed" choice. After default values are applied I can no longer make the report return cases in specified date ranges with both the statuses.

Attached few implementation and some other front-end screenshots.

Can anyone please help me? Is there any chance I can meet all the requirements and make the dropdown "empty string" choice return cases with both statuses? 

Thanks for taking part in a discussion,


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