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Michael Tan (tanm1)
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Posted: October 17, 2017
Last activity: October 30, 2017

Empty work item handle

Following the instructions in the following post,

I created the action set as follows:

This action set is placed behind a button on the case review harness, with the intention that it creates a copy of the case and opens that copy for editing. However, when I click the button, I get the following error:

Various other testing has led me to believe that in the Action Set the two actions are being run in parallel and hence the second action starts attempts to open the case before the first one has finished creating it. When I split the "Run Activity" (pxCreateTopCase) action and the "Open Work By Handle" action to two buttons, then click the two buttons in order, it works as desired.

Any idea why this happens? Do actions in an action set run in parallel by default, and if so is there any mechanism to make them run in sequence?

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