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Posted: October 28, 2020
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Enabling additional information in Pega0020 alerts

I'm attempting to debug a semi-inconsistent slow running connector. I'd want to enable the parameter output in the Pega0020 alert so I can see the request to the service and figure out is it's generating differently at times. I've attempted adding a number of DSS settings to the system to enable outputting the parameters directly in the alert but been unsuccessful thus far. 

Here's the part of the alert where I'd like to see the [removed] bits. 


Here's the DSS/prconfig settings I've tried:

alerts/connector/includeparameterpage/default     true alerts/general/includeparameterpage/default     true alerts/parameterpage/remotefiltertype     allowed

Am I missing something? Is there another setting that enables those values? Documentation on this is sparse and mostly related to removing information from alerts so I'm not exactly clear on what's required to get them to show up. 

Thanks, -Ryan

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