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Posted: June 14, 2020
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Encryption mechanism used for the existing Pega S3 application


In a Pega cloud instance, we have pegacloudfilestorage to store attachments, as we know this repository is also an S3 bucket in AWS.

So, we would like to know the encryption mechanism used for the existing Pega S3 application bucket which is being used when we are writing/reading files to pegacloudfilestorage. Can you clarify if this happens using AWS KMS/AES-256 or something else?

Now we have a requirement to share files from Pega application with external parties through AWS S3 bucket (which is in customer's PVC). So, we would also like to know, if it's recommended and possible to establishing an AWS PrivateLink between the Pega VPC and the customer AWS transfer VPC (to avoid sending the data over the internet)?





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