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Entry for AdminPegaRULES in prconfig.xml

I am trying to deploy R-A-P product using from command line. I am getting the below errors in log:


[pega:propertyparser] Reading Properties from : /app/GPG/dyn/local/tmp/prpc7_install/scripts/utils/

[pega:propertyparser] pega.jdbc.driver.jar=/app/ora/dbclient/jdbc/lib/ojdbc6.jar

[pega:propertyparser] pega.jdbc.driver.class=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

[pega:propertyparser] pega.database.type=oracledate

[pega:propertyparser] pega.jdbc.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:24188:PGDBT

[pega:propertyparser] pega.jdbc.username=pgadmin

[pega:propertyparser] pega.jdbc.password=******

[pega:propertyparser] pega.user.username=

[pega:propertyparser] pega.user.password=



[pega:propertyparser] pega.agents.enable=true

[pega:propertyparser] column.population.job.mode=COMMANDLINE_JOB

[pega:propertyparser] user.temp.dir=/app/GPG/dyn/local/tmp/prpc7_install/tmp

[pega:propertyparser] import.archive.path=/app/pega7/av/

[pega:propertyparser] import.mode=import

[pega:propertyparser] import.existing.instances=skip

[pega:propertyparser] import.nofailonerror=false

[pega:propertyparser] import.commit.count=100

[pega:propertyparser] import.compile.libraries=true

Here pgadmin is the Admin user(schema) which has both read-write access to prpcrules and prpcdata schemas. Oracle database is used.



[java] 2018-11-28 09:09:37,271 [ main] [ ] [ ] (ernal.access.DataSourceManager) ERROR - Unable to obtain DataSource for sample: j


[java] 2018-11-28 09:09:37,274 [ main] [ ] [ ] (ernal.access.DataSourceManager) ERROR - Unable to obtain DataSource for pegadata:


The below entries are there in prconfig.xml that is used by

<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/defaultSchema" value="prpcrules" />
<env name="database/databases/PegaDATA/defaultSchema" value="prpcdata" />

Please inform if the below line needs to be included in prconfig.xml to get rid off the above mentioned error "Unable to obtain DataSource"?

<env name="database/databases/AdminPegaRULES/defaultSchema" value="pgadmin" />

What may be the other solution?

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