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Posted: December 28, 2020
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Posted: 28 Dec 2020 10:07 EST
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Error attaching file size 10 MB

Hi Everybody,

I really would appreciate some help about the following issue:

When attaching a file larger than 10 MB to a Content in the Knowledge Management app the user sees the Error Harness saying 'Please Contact You Administrator'. The described error happens to be found ONLY in quality and production enviroment.

In order to resolve the issue I've done all the following actions, none of them worked:

-I've created a DSS to set the prcofing uploading file size, with a value grater than 10 or equal to the pyMaxDragDropAttachSizeMB.

-I've increased the size of the transaction log size in DB quality envinroment.

The tracer detects the following fail when reloading the harness (the language is italian but I think the error is comprehensible)

Impossibile trovare una 'RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY' con il nome 'PYUPLOADFILE' valida per 'PegaFW-KM-Work-Content'. Nel rulebase sono state trovate regole 4 con questo nome ma nessuna corrispondeva a questa richiesta. The 4 rules named 'PYUPLOADFILE' defined in the rulebase are: 4 unrelated to applies-to class 'PegaFW-KM-Work-Content', for example: {Data-NLP-, Rule-NLP-, Rule-, Data-WorkAttach-File}.

I've checked in develop and test enviroments and PYUPLOADFILE' with class 'PegaFW-KM-Work-Content' does not exists.

I Would really appreciate some help regard this issue.



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