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Jagannath Rajagopalan (JagannathR8869)
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DXC Technology
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DXC Technology
Posted: July 4, 2018
Last activity: August 7, 2018

Error during report def execution


I am creating a report definition of Rule-Obj-Flow class to extract a report of the flows with draft on.

The columns i use are .pyDraftModeON, .pyFlowType,.pyRuleSetVersion,.pyClassName.

The filters i use are .pyDraftModeON Is equal true, .pyRuleAvailable Is equal to "Yes" , .pyClassName Starts with "#Class prefix#".

Have mentioned the class Rule-Obj-Flow in the Pages&Classes tab.

The report saved fine and when i try to run it, gives the following sql error:

" An error occured on executing the query for the report definition - There was a problem getting a list: code: 904 SQLState: 42000 Message: ORA-00904: : invalid identifier"

The printed sql and values in log console are :

SQL: SELECT RULES_SCHEMA.pr_read_from_stream('.pyDraftModeON', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) AS "pyDraftModeON" , "PC0".PYFLOWTYPE AS "pyFlowType" , "PC0".PYCLASSNAME AS "pyClassName", MAX("PC0".PYRULESETVERSION) AS "pySummaryText(1)" FROM RULES_SCHEMA.pr4_rule_flow "PC0" WHERE ( RULES_SCHEMA.pr_read_from_stream('.pyDraftModeON', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) = ? AND "PC0".PYCLASSNAME LIKE ? AND "PC0".PYRULEAVAILABLE = ? ) AND "PC0".pxObjClass = ? GROUP BY RULES_SCHEMA.pr_read_from_stream('.pyDraftModeON', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) , "PC0".PYFLOWTYPE , "PC0".PYCLASSNAME ORDER BY 1 ASC, 2 ASC, 4 ASC, 3 ASC

SQL Inserts: <true> <CCC-%> <Yes>

Not sure why its failing. Could you please help.

Is this a known issue for which any hotfix was provided ?

Also i am unable to optimise .pyDraftModeON as upon right clicking this property in App explorer under Rule-Obj-Flow does not show the option to optimise.



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