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Error Message: Activity must be of type OnChange

Hi all

I am trying to create a Declare OnChange declarative rule.  I am using Pega 7.1.7, and when I get to the "OnChange Properties" screen, it is prompting me for an Activity to run.  The Activity does not exist yet, so I hit the "+" to the right, go through creating an activity in the normal manner, save the activity, and then reference that new Activity name in the Declare OnChange screen.

I get this message:

The activity Cente-SpecialP-Work-Project.SetUrgencyBasedOnProject must be of type OnChange.

First off, I was unaware that activities could have "Types".  Second, I don't see anywhere on the Activity editing screen where you would specify such a type.  Third, if it needs to be that way, and I click create-a-new-activity from the OnChange declare expression screen, wouldn't you expect that Pega Designer Studio would create whatever type it is prompting me for?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


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