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Error is not getting displayed in Field level in Repeat Grid in Modal Dialog


I have a requirement, where I need to display a list of records in a pop-up window.

In Order to meet this requirement, I have created a modal dialog where the end user can add/update a record after validating if the combination of values are already existing in the list and if the user entered user ID is Valid. If the entries are invalid, I have to throw it on the field level on the record where the user is performing operations. But this is happening in the back-end and the error is getting captured on the tracer and the pyWorkPage. However, the end user is not able to see the error on the field in the modal dialog.

As a work around, I have created sections for each of the field and referred the text input inside the section and on change, running an activity in each of the fields, which results in very bad performance.

Hence, if any of the developers/architects have faced this issue with repeat grid in Modal dialog when handling errors, let me know what needs to be done. Appreciate your help.



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