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An error occured while preforming interrogation:

In the course of attempting to interrogate a Siebel web app I have a lot of problems. The picture attached is of an error that will pop up sometimes when I try to interrogate something. Following this error, I have to restart visual studio or everything I try to interrogate subsequently will throw a similar looking error. Also following this error, my solution starts to get buggy to the point that it is eventually unusable. This happened before. I had to make a new solution and copy over all the os files from the one that went crazy. following this process, the new solution worked perfectly until I had to interrogate another part of the website. One target threw this error, I tried to close visual studio, doing that manifested 20 or so "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" popups which I also have no idea what to make of, and now the solution is showing signs that it, too, is on its way to being totally broken.

I would like to know if some issue like this is know and if there is anything I can do about this other than periodically moving all my os files to a new solution. If it helps, One of the problems with the dead project was determined to be inaccuracies in the osproj file. Something was stopping it from updating tags that tell pega where files are located.

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