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Error opening assignment from activity in confirm harness

Here is the design:

My flow's last shape is a Change Stage. The process in that stage is routing the work to a workbasket. I have a customized Confirm harness where I include a button that: 1. runs an activity which gets the handle of the assignment, and calls the ProcessAssignment activity, 2. Launches the perform harness.

Process assignment is called only with the InsHandle and WorkPage as parameters.

It works without any problem in the developer portal, but when I run the process in the pyCaseWorker portal then things to do not work as expected.

Following the tracer it seems like the newAssignPage values get resetted in the PerformPreProcessing activity, the error is set on the newAssignPage:

pxAssignedOperatorID: (Assign-)WrongMode newAssignPage.pxAssignedOperatorID Page adoptDictionaryDefinition(ImmutablePropertyInfo, boolean, boolean) String the mode has been reset to match the property's definition.

Also I see that when running the pzTransformAndRun activity, the values of pyWorkPage are not present anymore, so there is no work object data when the harness is launched.

Any support would be appreciated.

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