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Posted: May 2, 2018
Last activity: July 19, 2018

Error receiving data from Pega in Microsoft Visual Studio

I have provided an outline of what I have done so far and am getting an "Error in retrieving data from Pega" error:

In Pega 7.2.2:

-installed the PegaRobotManager_v1 jar file to my app

-in Application, added PegaRoboticAutomationConsole 01.01.01 as a Built on app

-create a WB of type Robotic, set queue length, execution time, organization

-create a flow action going into the “assign to robot queue” advanced shape

-create an Operator ID with Full name and email as well as access to my app

-create a work group with manager and default WB

-used Administrator Access Group to grant the following roles: [app name].Administrator, PegaRules:PegaAPI, and PegaRULES:RoboticAdministrator

-added a “assign to robot queue” advanced shape in my flow that routes to the Robotic WB and Run robotic automation that matches the activityname in the RobotActivity

-added relevant records to my Application Inventory in the same class used for the RobotActivity

In Robotics Manager/OpenSpan

-RobotActivity: classname, activityname (matches the ‘Run robotic automation’ field in Pega)

-Interaction.xml: Robotics PegaServer baseURL=[same as CommonConfig.xml’s baseURL], Activity (matches RobotActivity activityname) and the relevant record properties were specified as Values

-CommonConfig.xml: RPA=”true”, enabled=”true”, & baseURL=[retrieved from Pega API and running a GET method “[Request URL]”

-StudioConfig.xml: baseURL=[same as CommonConfig.xml’s baseURL]

-RuntimeConfig.xml: AllowRunWithNoPackage=”true” & RPA Credentials show=”true”

When I click on the ellipsis icon for the Fields in the properties tab of the RobotActivity controller, I receive a pop-up window saying “Error retrieving data from Pega”. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make a connection to extract the case properties in Pega going?

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