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Error saving the Context Dictionary with Account and BehavioralData properties using Pega Marketing for Fnancial Services

I am unable to save my context dictionary after I implement the Customer, Account, Behavioral and Poposition. When saving I got following errors at step "Create data flow : CustomerData in class <MyClass>-Customer":


.pyModelProcess.pyShapes(Compose2).pyComposeIntoProperty: '.BehavioralData' is not of class 'PegaMarketingFS-Data-Customer-BehavioralData' or any of its ancestors

.pyModelProcess.pyShapes(Compose1).pyComposeIntoProperty: '.Accounts' is not of class 'PegaMarketingFS-Data-Customer-Accounts' or any of its ancestors 


I recreated both .Behavior and .Accounts using <MyClass>-Customer-BehavioralData and <MyClass>-Customer-Accounts at <MyClass>-Customer class, each one of them inherits from  PegaMarketingFS-Data-Customer, PegaMarketingFS-Data-Customer-Accounts, PegaMarketingFS-Data-Customer-BehavioralData respectivally.

Pega Marketing for Financial Services 8.4 Decision Management Financial Services Business Architect
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