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Error trying to import Pega Marketing app sample

Hi all,

I am trying to import the pega marketing application sample, PegaCRMMarketingSample. I tried to import it automatically and I get the following error.

Encountered an issue applying DDL: CREATE VIEW APPMKT.CRM_VW_CAMPAIGN_ORGANIZATION AS SELECT, org.pzinskey, org.territoryid AS territory, 
org.industry, org.pystatuswork AS workstatus, org.revenue, addr.pycity AS city, addr.pystate AS state, addr.pycountry AS country, addr.pypostalcode AS postalcode FROM (saplus_work_org org
LEFT JOIN APPDATA.crm_index_address addr ON (((addr.pxinsindexedkey) = (org.pzinskey)))) WHERE ((((addr.isprimary) = 'true') 
AND ((addr.pxindexpurpose) = 'Index_Addresses')) AND ((org.pystatuswork) not like 'Resolved%')):

 Database-General Problem executing SQL to update database schema 942 42000 ORA-00942: 
table or view does not exist DatabaseException caused by prior exception: 
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist | SQL Code: 942 | SQL State: 42000 

Do you know where I could find documentation about its integration? Or should I created those table by own in the database?

I am using Pega 7.4 and Pega Marketing 7.4

Thank you all

Pega Marketing
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