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Joe Abi Sleiman (JoeAbiSleiman)

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Posted: February 3, 2016
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Error trying to read a user page from an activity

Hello All,

I am displaying a section of a certain class B in another class A using a data page that gets loaded by an activity. My problem is that I also need to edit this section (which belongs to class B) from within the class A. I have configured the data page to be editable (it is read-only by default). So now when I click Edit from a case of class A, I have the ability to do changes: (the change in the first screenshot is the cell inside, whose contents I changed to MX.3)


At this moment, the clipboard looks as such (this is before pressing submit):


My initial concern is this: my data page is called D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance. However, it doesn't appear underneath Data Pages but under User Pages instead. Why is that so?

Now after I press submit:



So I can see that the value of product (the one I updated) is indeed present in the clipboard (MX.3).

Now after I refresh:



The value of product has disappeared. This lead me to think that it was only present momentarily in the clipboard.

So I decided to call an activity (that runs when the Submit button is pressed) that will actually do the save. I tried to do so by writing to the data page (D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance) which is responsible for loading the section, but I have been unsuccessful.

Moreover, I tried to open the instance of class B (using obj-open-by-handle since I have its pzInsKey), and then write into it from the D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance that is present in the clipboard, but I haven't been able to correctly reference/access it. It's as if it only contains blank values, which lead me to think that my reference is only seeing the First D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance that is present in the clipboard (if you look at the structure of the clipboard, you can notice that there are 2 D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance, one inside the other - now the first one of these pages, if you look at the first screenshot, is empty).

If it is relevant, in my activity in the Pages & Classes tab, I put:

Page Name Class

D_LoadSystemLandscapeFromInstance MX-MXSFA-Work-SystemLandscape (the class of this data page)

Then in my steps I tried to use it as the step page, but it didn't work. I tried to loop on it because it appeared to me to have a list/group structure, but the system didn't allow me to loop saying that I can only loop when the step page is of a list/group structure.

I am at complete loss as to why this is happening and how to approach a solution.

I would extremely appreciate your help!!

Thank you in advance!

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