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Nalina Ravibiruthoji (Nalins_99)
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Posted: May 25, 2018
Last activity: July 23, 2018

Error when opening the section in designer studio


We get different error messages like

" Invalid static content request: (file "null" must have name and extension: foo.js)null",

And when the section finally opens in the designer studio, a portion of it (either controls or buttons) is blank or just a square box is seen. This happens to the out of the box sections also. I have attached a sample.

Message:"Invalid Url used is request"

Description: "The request sent by the client is syntactically incorrect"

The above message and description occurs for a image added to the button (webwb/pzgrid_downarrowwhite.png) When I checked the Image library, it is available, but in the section on click of the gear icon we get this error

Also to be noted: It happens only in the production environment and not in dev or QA. Please can any one help on this.

Thank you

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